My Events

Once you become a Member you'll be able to see a visual display of all your basic information and make changes easily.

Turn your daily events into data with

Quick and easy logging means you can track your whole day...

The Event Chart

It only takes a few minutes each day to build a detailed, colour-coded and clickable chart of your daily Events.

When you log your days, you can visualize where your time goes...

The Activities Dashboard

Pre-configured Dashboards are used throughout the site to present your data in useful ways. The Activities Dashboard illustrates where you spend your time across six dimensions - sleep, work, family, leisure, exercise and chores.

Daily Journal/Diary integrates with your daily Events...

The Health and Wellness Dashboard

The mobile friendly Journal features One-click Entries from any Journal page(1), integrated listing of Events(2), Full Edit mode(3), Quick Edit mode(4), full text searching(5), custom categories(6), automated statistics(7) and jump-to date selection from any Journal page(8).

Tune in and track your personal health indicators...

The Health and Wellness Dashboard

The Health and Wellness Dashboard allows you to see your historical personal health indicators over time. If you have existing records of previous measurements, you can enter them to quickly build a personal health and wellness timeline, then add to it over time.

Do you know how often you eat various types of foods?

The Food Dashboard

They say, "You are what you eat." Well, if that's the case, I'm mostly bread, cheese, veggies and poultry! I've also been taking photos of my meals for quite a while and including ratings.

Are you on top of your hydration, caffeine and alcohol consumption?

The Beverages Dashboard

The Beverages Dashboard summaries what you drink into four broad dimensions: caffeinated beverages, sodas, alcoholic drinks and water/juice. It offers summaries for seven days, 28 days and 90 days.

Have Google Home? Watch how easy it is to log events...

Voice-logging video example

It's so easy to record Events with Google Home/Assistant and get back relevant information... "Hey Google, tell Event Logger my new weight is 188.5 pounds"... and hear a response along the lines of, "Got it, your new weight is 188.5 pounds. You've lost 1.5 pounds since your last weigh-in from seven days ago. Your new body mass index is 24.5 which is in the NNormal zone for adults."