Finally, your own personal Captain's Log!



I'm very proud to announce that daily journaling is now available for all Members. Think of it as a digital diary or a Captain's Log.

Sample Journal entries

For me, my daily journal is a great companion to logging the Events of my day. It's easy for me to log many of my daily events with but there are some things that aren't easily captured as an "Event". My digital journal has become the perfect place for them.

I use it to summarize how I feel about the day. I record interesting details of my dreams. And I use it with Google Home/Assistant to record random thoughts that I don't want to lose track of.

Part diary, part digital sticky note, part project documentation.

I tag each entry with relevant custom tags so I can group entries over time. With one click, I can review all my "Random Thoughts" or pull up all my notes on a specific project or person.

It was also important for my journal to be full-text searchable. And I wanted it to integrate with the Events I'm already logging on But there were other times I wanted to re-read it more like a diary, so there are a couple different "views" to choose from.

You can try it out by logging in to and clicking on the "Journal" tab. And yes, you can say, "Okay Google, tell Event Loggers, new Captain's Log!"