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May 13, 2020
Written by Dean Reeds Topics: General, Health & Wellness

Bring more context to your timeline and enhance your dashboards by connecting EventLoggers.com to other popular apps and devices.

EventLoggers.com can connect with your Fitbit and RescueTime data, as well as your Google Photos.

In this post, I'll focus on the benefits of connecting your Fitbit data to EventLoggers.

September 30, 2019
Written by Dean Reeds Topics: General

Investigative surveys are coming to EventLoggers.com. Not every survey will appeal to everyone but every survey aims to shed light on a specific topic and pull back the curtain on how you fit into the larger picture. They give you immediate feedback that you can use. And every survey is followed up with a personalized final report that puts your answers in context. Our first two surveys are...

August 15, 2019
Written by Dean Reeds Topics: General

The simple "Rating" field has evolved to a 3-part ratings system for all Events you log. The change gives you fine-grained control to quantify specific Events and better research tools to measure and analyze your Events.

July 17, 2019
Written by Dean Reeds Topics: General

I was really frustrated with the lack of generic, inexpensive, "smart" buttons that can be used for personal data tracking. I wanted a solution to track personal events but I keep coming up disappointed, so I programmed my own and put my old phones and tablets to work again. You can too!

June 18, 2019
Written by Dean Reeds Topics: Voice

Voice Logging at EventLoggers.com lets you track Personal Events without needing to stop what you're doing. But Voice Logging has its own challenges. Especially with dates, times and durations. A new round of improvements make logging Events easier and more flexible. And it works with all types of Events.

May 04, 2019
Written by Dean Reeds Topics: Food

Sometimes, the only way to break long-held beliefs is a death by a thousand cuts. Or in the case of my eating habits, a thousand meals.

I love food and I try to have a healthy diet but I also know I fail on a regular basis.

Now, after logging and analyzing more than 1,000 of my meals, I have a much clearer picture of what I put into my body. And I’ve gained a better understanding of my relationship with food in general. I also have a plan to make changes and the data to measure my success or failure against going forward.

You don’t need to track a thousand meals to benefit from my discoveries. You can pick and choose from what I’ve learned and find a tool to log your meals for a much shorter period. Then you’ll be able to make data driven decisions about any changes you want to make to your food choices.

April 03, 2019
Written by Dean Reeds Topics: Journal

I'm very proud to announce that daily journaling is now available for all Members. Think of it as a digital diary or a Captain's Log.

I use it to summarize how I feel about the day. I record interesting details of my dreams. And I use it with Google Home/Assistant to record random thoughts that I don't want to lose track of.