Automate and enhance your sleep and exercise logging with Fitbit

posted May 13, 2020
By Dean Reeds

Bring more context to your timeline and enhance your dashboards by connecting to Fitbit.

If you own a Fitbit, you can allow EventLoggers to import your sleep and activity data, freeing yourself from manually logging those events.

If you choose, EventLoggers can also import your daily steps, floors, weight, and resting heart rate to display them in your daily timeline alongside each day's events.

When you first connect accounts, EventLoggers will create Sleep and Exercise events for the last 90 days from your Fitbit data and insert them into your timeline. You can click on the activity to get full details, directly from Fitbit, without leaving EventLoggers.


A number of historical dashboards are also automatically generated and populated on EventLoggers when you connect your Fitbit data.

Fitbit's dashboard is good at displaying a lot of basic information but EventLogger's dashboards give you new ways to explore your Fitbit stats. For example, you can easily compare weekday averages with weekend averages or quickly discover if your daily counts are trending up or down.


A Time-of-day visualization for sleep and exercise is also useful to quickly evaluate the consistency of your routines.


Unlike many of the data aggregation apps out there, EventLoggers isn't trying to be a dumping grounds for the raw data stored in myriad third-party apps and devices. Instead, EventLoggers uses that granular data to create meaningful events that become parts of your personal dashboards and timeline.

Click here to connect your Fitbit data with EventLoggers.