New rating measurements added to all Events


The simple "Rating" field has evolved to a 3-part ratings system for all Event. The change gives you fine-grained control to quantify specific Events and better research tools to measure and analyze your Events.
We've always been able to rate Events in but until now it's been pretty basic. Any Event could be assigned a Rating from "Horrible" to "Outstanding". Doesn't get much simpler.
You could use your Ratings as search filters to look back on the best or worst of any type of Events.
I use the Ratings filter for things like finding meal options based on previous great meals.

(Mental note to myself: "Must make gnocchi again soon!")
I also review Events that have recurring low ratings to hone in on issues at home.

The basic Rating filter is great for unearthing specifics but relying on just one overall rating has its drawbacks.
For example, how do you rate a trashy pulp novel that you just can't put down? I mean, the quality of the writing is crappy but it can be a true guilty pleasure. And when the last page is read, how do you feel about the time you invested (wasted?) reading it?
You might loathe de-cluttering the garage but it's really important if you want a place to park the car once the snow flies. So even though you'd rather be doing almost anything else, it is actually a really good investment of your time.
Similarly, I don't think many people jump out of bed excited to clean the house but everyone enjoys coming home to a spotless home.
You get the idea - many of the things we do have layers to how we feel about them. And now you can rate each Event on any (or all) of three scales: Quality, Time Investment and Enjoyment.
So the trashy book's rating may look something like this:

While the house cleaning might be closer to this:

Over time, every type of Event builds up its own characteristic Rating details. Here's an example of my Breakfast ratings.

I've only been using the 3-part rating scales for less than a week but you can see that I don't really ENJOY my morning protein smoothies but they have lots of good stuff in them so the QUALITY aspect of the meal is good and I'm happy with the small time commitment it takes.
Here's how Breakfast compares to Dinner:
Generally, dinners get higher ratings than breakfasts. I've written about why that is in another blog post but I'm curious to see how the ratings evolve now that I have 3 independent scales for ratings.
Not every Event merits a 3-part rating but many Events are nuanced and your tracking can benefit from the few seconds it takes to rate them.
Happy Logging,