Voice Logging just got easier at EventLoggers.com


Your time is precious - log it accurately at EventLoggers.com
Image by 3209107 from Pixabay

I built Voice Logging into EventLoggers.com because I didn't want to stop what I was doing just to log an Event. I'm busy. I've got two young kids and a business. The idea of STOPPING what I'm doing and grabbing a phone or tablet just to record what I WAS doing is NOT an elegant solution! Being able to just say, "Hey Google, tell Event Logger I drank 12 ounces of coffee" takes almost nothing. I don't have to stop playing with my kids, making dinner or driving to soccer practice.

But Voice Logging has its own challenges. Especially with logging time and duration. So tricky! Time zones. Daylight savings time. "Yesterday." "Last Monday." And of course, there's so many ways to say basically the same thing:

  • "I started my jog at 9a.m. and finished 10 minutes ago."
  • "I spent 40 minutes jogging beginning at 9a.m."
  • "I jogged at 9a.m. today for 40 minutes."
  • "I jogged for 40 mintues at 9a.m."

They all mean the same thing but that's a nightmare for a software program to figure out on the fly. Even a Google Home / Assistant program that uses Machine Learning. And it's unrealistic to ask Members to remember the one "right" way to record time-based Events.

So I added a middle layer of back-end logic to make it all work seamlessly with EventLoggers.com. And it works with all types of Events. Meals, exercise, health symptoms, appointments, work hours, leisure activities like reading and gaming, kids' screen time, on and on.

Some random real-life examples:

  • "I started work at 9 a.m. and finished 10 minutes ago."
  • "I drank 400 ml of tea an hour ago."
  • "Christine and I had dinner at 6:15 tonight for an hour. It was good and we chatted about our early vacations together."
  • "I spent 10 minutes doing the dishes."
  • "I lifted weights at 3 p.m. for 40 minutes. Chest, shoulders and triceps. It was intense but very good."
  • "I jogged at a light pace for 30 minutes at 2 p.m. yesterday."

If you have Google Assistant on your phone or Google Home in your house, please try Voice Logging and send me your feedback.

All you need to do to start Logging is say, "Hey Google, talk to Event Logger."