Survey: Benefits and drawbacks of self-tracking

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Status: Accepting submissions

Eligibility: Anyone who wears a fitness tracker or tracks any aspect of health, activities or daily events.


Time Required: ~5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Full results published: Fall, 2019

As a self-tracker, you invest time and effort to know yourself better. Invest 5 minutes to take this survey and learn how your self-tracking experience compares with others.

Why it's important

First off, if you purposefully track any aspect of your life, I want to say, "Well Done!" The simple act of self-tracking is a huge step to personal understanding, becoming more self-aware and making changes to improve your life.

But self-tracking can have its drawbacks as well. Have you ever been stressed about gaps in your personal data? Suffered from analysis paralysis while examining your data? Been frustrated by not meeting your goals?

This survey can help you answer these questions, among others:

  • Should I expand or reduce my self-tracking?
  • Am I looking at my data too often?
  • How can I discover more insights from my data?
  • Should I reconsider my stance on sharing my data?
  • Should I worry less about gaps in my data or be more diligent about collecting?
  • Should I be more proactive with making changes based on my data?

After taking the survey, you'll get access to the current results and some initial analysis about how your self-tracking experience compares to other self-trackers who have taken the survey.

You'll also get a personalized final report once the results are analyzed and published.

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