Member benefits regarding surveys and investigations

We encourage everyone to create an account and log in before completing surveys or participating in investigations. Some of the benefits include:

Personalized comparison reports

As a Memeber, when you participate in a survey, you will automatically receive a comparison report of how your answers fit into the landscape of overall responses. For data security and privacy reasons, this service is not available to people who fill out surveys without being logged in.

Survey submission archive

Completing surveys while logged in as a Member also allows you to review all your prior survey submissions at any time. We believe you should be able to review all your submitted data whenever you like. Without an account, we can't reliably tie your prior submissions to you when you return to the website.

Access to Member-only surveys and investigations

Finally, some surveys are available only to Members. As a Member, you will never be required to participate but only Members will have the option to participate in some surveys and investigations.