EventLoggers.com launches Investigative Surveys


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We're adding a new feature to EventLoggers.com - investigative surveys.

Not every survey will appeal to everyone but every survey aims to shed light on a specific topic and pull back the curtain on how you fit into the larger picture.

They give you immediate feedback that you can use. And every survey is followed up with a personalized final report that puts your answers in context.

Our first two surveys, available now to Members, are:

Benefits and drawbacks of self-tracking

Intended for anyone who wears a fitness tracker or self-tracks any aspect of health, activities or daily events.

As a self-tracker, you invest time and effort to know yourself better. Invest 5 minutes to take this survey and learn how your self-tracking experience compares with others.

Why it's important:
This survey can help you answer these questions, among others:

  • Should I expand or reduce my self-tracking?
  • Am I looking at my data too often?
  • How can I discover more insights from my data?
  • Should I reconsider my stance on sharing my data?
  • Should I worry less about gaps in my data or be more diligent about collecting?
  • Should I be more proactive with making changes based on my data?

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Survey: Is your child's backpack a health risk?

Why it's important...
Kids make more than 14,000 backpack related office or emergency room visits in the United States every year. An overloaded backpack changes how kids walk and stand. These changes in bio-mechanics put strain on the neck, shoulders, back and hips which can cause numbness and lead to injury.

Take this survey to generate your personalized backpack risk assessment and receive personalized recommendations to address any risks.

We'll also email you a complete report of our findings, including a Comparison Report detailing how your responses align with the overall results. Insights include, whether your child's backpack is significantly heavier than other kids in their grade. How much the average backpack weighs for kids who weigh the same as your child. And if the absense of school lockers is contributing to heavier backpacks.

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If you have an idea for an investigative survey, get in touch.

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Dean Reeds