How to create Buttons and Event Panels

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How to create Buttons and Event Panels

You can create virtual Buttons and Event Panels that can be displayed on any device that has a Web Browser. A tap of a Button logs a specific Event to your account. For example, I have an Event Panel called, "Office Fish Tank" with a number of Buttons tied to regular tasks involving the tank. "Fed Fish", "Water Change", "Meds", etc. When I click the "Fed Wafer" Button, this gets Logged:

1:10 pm other chores Office Fish Tank: fed fish the regular Flake food

To Create a Panel of one or more Buttons

Quickstart: Log in and go to "Event List". Scroll down and click, "Add New Event Panel." Fill in at least Title and Button Label fields, set the "Event Type", then click save.

Detailed instructions:

  • Log in to
  • On the main screen (Event List), scroll down to the bottom.
  • In the Event Panels section, click "Add New Event Panel".
  • Give the Panel a short, descriptive title (eg. "Office Fish Tank" or "Morning Routine", etc.)
  • Use the "Panel Button" form to configure your first Button.
    • Button Label: Short word or phrase that will be shown on the Button. (eg. "Fed Fish" or "Brushed Teeth", etc.)
    • Button Note: This will be added to your Event's Notes field each time you push the Button.
      (eg. "Office Fish Tank: fed fish the regular Flake food"). Default is Blank.
    • Event Type: Configures your Button to Log a specific type of Event.
      (eg. "Flossing", "Other Chores", "Coffee", etc.) Default is "Other Event".
    • Button Reporting: Show how long it's been since either this specific Button was pushed or the last time the Event Type was logged. The "Event Type" option is appropriate when you might be logging the same Event from various devices, such as "Coffee" or "Brush Teeth". The "Exact Button" is appropriate when the Button represents a specific event that is tied to a broader Event Type. For example, the "Feed Fish" Button is set to the Event Type of "Other Chores". Default is, "Type of Event".
    • Button Style: Choose from different styles to suit your needs. Default is a light blue rectangular button.
    • Button Sizing: Responsive or full width. Full width is useful for buttons with longer labels or to balance out the look of the Panel. Default is "responsive".
    • Alerts: You can configure each Button to show a red "Alert" status if Logging doesn't happen within a specific range. Default is "Off".
      • Alert Type - Duration: Trigger an Alert if the Event/Button isn't Logged in X days/hours/minutes.
      • Alert Type - Date and Time: Trigger an Alert at a specific time of day if the Event/Button isn't Logged within X days.
    • Button Trigger Update: xx
  • To add another Button to the Panel, click "Add another item" and repeat.
  • Click "Save" to see and use your Event Panel.